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Community Bible Church

Oct 22, 2021

Target: To stop listening and believing the lies of Satan!

Revelation 12-13

Oct 11, 2021

Target: Understand the reason for the pause between every 6th and 7th judgment in a time of tribulation is only because of the grace of Jesus.

Revelation 10-11

Oct 4, 2021

Target: The 7th Seal unlocks 7 Trumpet blasts for one purpose and that is to get our attention on Jesus.

Revelation 8-9

Sep 28, 2021

Do not let the fear of the unknown prevent you from seeing what is fully known.

Revelation 6-7

Sep 22, 2021

To take a journey to the center of heaven and realize what is taking place must take place at the center of our heart!

Revelation 4-5