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Community Bible Church

Aug 29, 2020

: To be reminded that Talk is cheap, and empty promises have never changed the world! However, when there is an encounter with God there will be evidence beyond words, there will be ACTION by doing the following:

● Submitting to the Principles of God

● Separation as the People of God

● Support the Place of...

Aug 29, 2020

To understand that God is moving you from the margins of existence to the story of God for eternity.

Nehemiah 9

Aug 29, 2020

To see God’s Word not as a place of outdated commandments, but instead a place of relevant solutions to life.

Nehemiah 8

Aug 3, 2020

When God places something or someone on your heart it is a Prompting by God that is either preparing or pointing to the purpose of God that could include you! See Something, Say Something, Hear Something, Do Something!

Nehemiah 7