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Community Bible Church

Dec 14, 2017

There are certain practices and expressions concerning the Christian faith that are open unto debate and discussion, but the Virgin birth is not one of them. Why is this doctrine the bedrock of our faith? Today, we explore the importance of embracing this doctrine as a core conviction through the criticism’s...

Dec 6, 2017

Contentment is not contingent on circumstances but is rooted in your confidence in Christ.

Nov 27, 2017

Thankfulness is most accurately described as “think”fulness! To be thankful is to be (think)ful. Therefore, in order to live in a persistent attitude of gratitude, despite our circumstances we must develop an awareness of the power of persistent prayer.

Nov 21, 2017

Your testimony is the story of your past colliding with your future leading you to make a decision for the present. This decision is to understand that everything you thought brought you gain was loss, and what you thought was a loss in Jesus was the ultimate gain. (Jesus + 0 = Everything)

Nov 14, 2017

We as the people of God have been given an opportunity like never before, to engage a world searching for answers. Not that we are the answer, but we know the ONE who is the answer. Therefore, to effectively share our hope with those who need it, it is important to be reminded of the directives of His plan and purpose.