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Community Bible Church

Aug 3, 2020

When God places something or someone on your heart it is a Prompting by God that is either preparing or pointing to the purpose of God that could include you! See Something, Say Something, Hear Something, Do Something!

Nehemiah 7

Jul 19, 2020

Effective leadership is not just the ability to move people to the accomplishment of a mission; it is also modeling how to navigate towards conflict resolution.

Nehemiah 5

Jul 18, 2020

To understand that every person has a significant part to play in the rebuilding of a nation.

Nehemiah 3

Jul 18, 2020

Some things are worth fighting for and though that list may feel short, its ramifications are long!


Nehemiah 4

Jul 12, 2020

Gain a roadmap on how to navigate a good-cause versus a God-calling.

Nehemiah 2